Private Consultation, Natural Health Resources

This is a private consultation to discuss your current health needs and what natural methods that are available. 


     CBD Oil and other plant medicines, OnDamed Machine, Acupuncture, Massage, Detox, Spiritual Healing and more

I have a strong network of healers to recommend as well as products to offer and the explanation of how everything works for your bodies best support. I have a medical background and have helped many over the years with their needs. House calls, hospital visits and neutral meeting spaces are available for meeting and discussing our bodies needs. 

Shamanic Healing Package

This healing package is for those dedicated to their personal and spiritual growth.
3 - Extraction Energy Sessions
1 - Soul Retrieval Ceremony
The package is to be completed in a 2 month period from initial purchase of package. 
Package Energy Exchange: $550

The first extraction energy session will be 45 mins to an hour.
The second and third extraction energy session will be 30 to 45 mins.
Soul Retrieval is 2 hours total. You will need 2 wittinesses, give away to all present along with a easy to share food for after the Ceremony.

Spiritual Life Coach

Alexandria has a vast life experience and strong Spiritual believe system that is supportive of all ways of life. Sessions are all held with the upmost privacy and she has flexible hours as well as a sliding pay scale.

CBD Health Consultant

If you or a loved one is has any health issues that you want to step away from traditional medicine or include an alternative that will work directly with traditional medicine; then I can help.

I work directly with you and your loved ones about how CBD works in the body, how CBD can assist with all health issues and help you create a health program that includes CBD products, diet, other alternative medical services, exercise and am available for on going support. I have many decades of alternative heal methods as well as a licensed Radiology Technologist. I have a list of other alternative medicine healers for referrals to assist and can explain their approach and how it will work hand and hand with CBD products to assist with all you health issues.

House calls are available in the DFW area, for others we Skype for the consultation. 

Clients receive 10% CBD order at time of consultation.

Fees are: $50

Medicine Bag: Protection, Healing, Prosperity

We will meet in my home and I will work with you to create an amulet and/ceremony for positive intent for yourself and love ones. 

Remote work is available via video chat and sacred items created will be spiritual sealed mailed to you for cost of shipping.

Energy exchange includes handcrafted bag with instructions, either cloth or leather

Readings/Medical Intuitive

Readings: $15 per session

  • Alexandria uses a combination of Soul Cards and Medicine Cards in her readings. She is also available for parties/gatherings.

Medical Intuitive: $15 per session

  • Alexandria has the gift of seeing past into the physical body of illness and the spiritual dis-ease that causes physical body illness. 

Drum Maker/Rattles

How I learned to make drums. I did a Shamanic Journey and the Spirits showed me how to make drums. I work with the spirits of the parts of the drum (frame, rawhide, leather, stick) before I begin the process of birthing each drum.

Drum sizes: 15", 17", 20" 8 sided handcrafted frames of Cedar.

Materials: Horse Rawhide, Deer Leather, Stick, Metal Ring, Leather dyes

Each drum is hand cut and assembled with great care and prayer; every drum has it's own personality and sound.


     15" = $300

     17" = $450

     20" = $600

3% credit card fee plus actual shipping and handling

Designs are individual and can be requested. Color and/or paintings are available on custom orders.

Custom orders: You tell me your intent for the drum and colors that are needed. I will focus on you and the information you give as I assembly the drum. Note that during hot months shipping will need to be overnight due to possible over shrinkage.

Drum Making Workshop:

Includes a 15" drum (supplies). It is a 8 to 10 hour workshop that will include ceremony and the assembly of your drum.

$500 per person (travel expenses not included) This workshop can be incorporated into a weekend retreat experience.

This Drum Making Workshop is a powerful experience and creates a strong bond between you and your drum.